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What Can We Do For You?

Robbins Productions, a Chicago Video Production Company, makes fund raising video and sales videos.


We aren't interested in selling you anything. We are interested in partnering with you to achieve your goals. It's been an honor to be able to create videos that help our clients grow and thrive. If you are looking for those kinds of solutions, that kind of relationship, let Robbins Productions be your first stop. If we can't help, we will be happy to point you towards people that can. Please contact us. Let's meet and talk. If it's a fit, then we can have focused conversations about concepts, scripts, timelines, distribution avenues, budgets, and all the details involved in moving your business forward. 

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No-nonsense video production solutions for your business challenges

Robbins Productions is a full service, Chicago video production company. We take the time to listen to  your goals and expectations. We familiarize ourselves with your branding strategy, learn about your concerns, and target audience. 

We create concise video content that puts your message out there. Over the years we have  produced, directed, and shot, everything from national TV commercials, corporate video, to fundraising videos, internet messaging, and still photography. 

Robbins Productions, a Chicago Video Production Company uses state of the art Video Editing.

Our Focus

Robbins Productions' primary focus is the  design and timely execution of video communications and promotional pieces, with visual impact. Tailoring each project to your specific corporate and project requirements, we accentuate your message by integrating traditional film production techniques with cutting-edge digital editing technology. Our projects move people to think, to feel, to act. Whether shooting on location or in a studio, we will create the emotion, urgency, and the wonder, that conveys your message. 

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