Testimonial Interviews are Our Specialty

Testimonial Videos can be produced for non for profit fund raising .

Testimonial Video

We have found that although all forms of video are engaging and produce results, testimonial videos are extremely successful.

Client/User  testimonials increase the level of trust in a company or product.   Positioning the owner and employees as “Experts” puts a human face on your business, and allows you to showcase your expertise to a  receptive audience. Our videos transform prospective customers and donors into  active participants in your business.

Testimonial Videos are effective tools for non for profit fund raising .

It’s not easy speaking in front of a camera.

We all have personal and organizational agendas that drive our every day  performance. Unless the interviewee is a professional “on camera”  talent, what is captured can often look stiff, uncomfortable, and less than honest.

Our process is designed to put the interviewee at ease so we can have an actual conversation. This creates an interpersonal component, reflecting the relationship between two people with similar goals.  Once our subject is no longer concerned about looking good or sounding foolish, the interview come across  as natural, honest, and intelligent. This process may take a bit more time but the  resulting testimonial is well worth the effort. 

Testimonial videos can put a face to your organization.

Life's a conversation